Join Miss Alicia for a 4 week kids yoga session

Appropriate for ages 5-10

September 27-November 1

Sundays 4 PM-5 PM

Yoga-inspired class with music and movement to help your child focus, relax, and learn self-regulation

Minimum registration required. No refunds for preregistration.

Register by contacting Yoga4Kids or Down Dog Yoga at the contact information below.

$75/6 classes OR $15/drop-in rate

Alicia LaGrassa


  • ChildLight Yoga Certified Instructor
  • PA Certified Educator
  • Current Clearances, Insurance, and CPR
  • Various age level classes offered


The Next Level    to Heal with the Energy of Angels

Integrated Energy TherapyÒ Classes


With Master-Instructor

Dante Filipini

August 15 & 29


Down Dog Yoga, 525 Reading Ave

For further information, healing sessions

or to register contact

(610) 780-5391



In the tradition of Caroline Myss’s “Energy Anatomy, IET is one of the next generation – hands on – power energy therapy systems that gets the “issues out of your tissues” for good.

Our IET training classes are each powerful days of self-healing and energy therapy certification training. In each class, you will be attuned to a powerful angelic energy ray that activates your 12-strand Spiritual DNA. You will then learn how to heartlink to the energy of your angels and use their energy for healing. You will learn how each primary human emotion is correlated to a specific physical region of the body, as well as how to use the IET integration power points to clear them. Fully illustrated training guide and certificate provided with each class.

No prior energy therapy experience needed. You can be an energy intuitive, and through these IET classes, you will be taught how to feel and interpret energy flow, clear energy patterns in yourself and others, and unlock your soul’s purpose.

Basic Level IET
August 15

$185 advanced payment

$195 at door

Our basic training class is a one day class that provides you with an:

  • ·         Attunement to the Basic IET energy ray that will activate the 1st and 2nd DNA pairs and will empower you to energize and integrate cellular memory blocks
  • ·         Location and use of  the IET energy integration  power points
  • ·         Introduction to Energy Anatomy and the Cellular Memory Map
  • ·         Increase in your ability to be an energy intuitive and “read” energy


Intermediate Level IET

August 29

$185 advanced payment

$195 at door

Our intermediate training is a one day class that provides you with an:

  • ·         Attunement to Intermediate IET energy ray that will activate the 3rd and 4th DNA pairs and will  empower you to pull energy imprints out of the human energy field
  • ·         Learn to clear energy imprints resulting  from past life karma
  • ·         Methods to “esoterically dowse”  and interpret the blockages in the  human energy field



Advanced Level IET

Contact for private booking

Our advanced training class is a one day class that provides you with an:

  • ·         Attunement to the Advanced IET energy ray which unlocks the 5th DNA pair and activates the energy of your soul’s purpose
  • ·         Ability to do a “Soul Star” clearing to activate your soul’s purpose.
  • ·         Use of  the Heartnet process to manifest your dream.
  • ·         Use of the powerful energy wave technique to clear resistance.
  • ·         Build Heartbeams to anchor angelic energy into the Earth.



For further information about Integrated Energy Therapy please visit



Join Miss Alicia for a Family Yoga class…for all ages from 3+!

An hour of yoga-inspired fun, music, movement, and calm…

Sunday, August 16

11:30 AM-12:30 PM

$15.00/2 family members

$5 for each additional member


Alicia LaGrassa



Special Kundalini classes will be offered by guest teacher Dante.


THURSDAY, AUGUST 13 from 7:30-8:45pm

THURSDAY, AUGUST 20 from 7:30-8:45pm

THURSDAY, AUGUST 27 from 7:30-8:45pm

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 from 7:30-8:45pm

$15 per class

Kundalini yoga is a very powerful and healing form of yoga. Classes alternate between active and passive phases, with powerful rhythmic movements which release tension followed by periods of deeper and deeper meditative stillness as we become more aware of our souls and bodies. in addition to yoga asanas and excercises, Kundalini yoga uses many different breathing exercises (pranayama) and chanting divine mantras. This yoga gives a powerful energy, deep relaxation and bliss through its profound effect on the body’s endocrine system, which balances the body’s electromagnetic field and chakras. Kundalini yoga is thought to have roots in practices dating 10,000 years ago and was once kept secret in India for many years. This form of Kundalini Yoga as we know it today was popularized by Yogi Bhajan and is spread to this day after his death by the organization 3HO (Happy Healthy Holy).


Mahan Jiwan Singh (Dante) studied vinyasa yoga in Philadelphia in 2012 and Kundalini yoga in Amritsar, India in 2015. He additionally practices many healing arts. He is delighted to lead these powerful yoga classes is love and service. Private classes contact (610)-780-5391.



Down Dog Yoga will be offering a special six week session geared for beginners.

The series will run August 17, 24, and 31 and September 14, 21, and 28.

Each class will be held on a Monday night from 7:30-8:30p.m.

The series will focus on getting back to the fundamental aspects of Vinyasa yoga that caters to very new beginners or those looking for a gentler class. Each class the teacher will focus on calming the mind, getting in touch with your breath and heartbeat, providing understandings of sun-salutations, and learning basic yoga poses. It is ideal for those who have never taken yoga before and are interested at starting at the basics. The series of classes will build on the previous class; however, students can sign up for the entire series or just drop in for a single class.

Full 6 week session costs $60.

Drop in costs $15/class.

Those attending the full 6 weeks must pre-pay. There will be no refunds.


108 Sun Salutations

SATURDAY, JUNE 20, Down Dog Yoga will be hosting 108 Sun Salutations at 1:08 p.m.

To celebrate the transition of seasons and the summer solstice, the studio will be open to new and olds members alike. Admission is free with optional cash donation. Bring water, a mat, and towel, and be prepared to kick off the summer with sweat and style.